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My name is Natalie, creator of Revamp Extensions and owner of Vegas new Organic Hair Spa. In my younger years, I was honored to be Awarded many athlete achievement awards in track and field high school, and college. On a track scholarship, I attended UNR majoring in Interior Design. In 94 I attended and trained at World-Renowned Toni and Guy Dallas, Tx. I am blessed to have been working consistently in the beauty industry for just under 30 years.

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Natalie's Story

 Natalie was not satisfied with the hair extension methods that were out on the market to date. So, she researched and found a safer method of extensions application she thought was a safe alternative, but although it may have been a safer way than most, she still was not satisfied with the results. So, when presented with this challenge, Natalie started experimenting on a better system that she could use and feel confident that she didn't compromise the integrity of her client's hair.

Natalie is proud to give you.

"Revamp Extensions".....


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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