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Greetings, I'm Natalie, the visionary behind Revamp Extensions and proud owner of Vegas's premier Organic Hair Spa. My journey in the beauty industry began with a foundation rooted in excellence. In my formative years, I earned accolades for athletic achievements, excelling in track and field in High School and College, where I secured a track scholarship.

Eager to explore the intersection of design, I pursued studies at UNR Reno, NV. majoring in Interior Design. later immersing myself in the dynamic world of hair design. In 1994, I further honed my skills as the once prestigious Tony&Guy in Dallas, Tx. A transformative experience that continues to shape my approach to hairstyling.

With 30 years of dedicated service in the beauty industry, I consider myself truly blessed to have cultivated a career marked by passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence. 

Join me at Revamp Extension for a personalized and transformative beauty experience.


Natalie Walker/ Toni&Guy Academy Diploma

Natalie's Story

 In 2012, my journey took a pivotal turn when I found myself dissatisfied with the hair extension method prevalent in the market. Determined to provide a safer and more satisfactory alternative, I delved into extensive research. Although I discovered a method that was deemed safer than most, it didn't meet my standards for excellence.


Fueled by a commitment to overcoming challenges, I embarked on a personal quest to create a hair extension application method that not only met the highest safety standards but also delivered impeccable results. Through tireless experimentation and dedication to maintaining the integrity of my clients' hair, I developed a method that surpassed expectations. This journey has culminated in a patent-pending filing, showcasing the innovation behind Revamp Extensions.

Today, I take immense pride in presenting Revamp Extensions - a testament to my unwavering commitment to providing a superior, safer, and aesthetically pleasing solution for hair extensions. With Revamp Extensions, you can confidently embrace a transformative experience that prioritizes both safety and style.

Natalie is proud to give you.

"Revamp Extensions".....


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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