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Image by Shari Sirotnak

No Style Restrictions


"Hello Gorgeous" in 1.5hr's...

Revamp Extensions is a mix between the freedom of individual extensions that meets the natural draping and the fullness of weft extensions extraordinaire that allows you to wear virtually any hairstyle you desire. 



Revamp Extensions is a high-quality double-drawn premium Genius Weft hair that uniquely allows you to wear 4x the amount of hair than all extension methods on the market to date.

We use only the finest quality premium Remi hair, which means the hair is collected with the cuticle layer facing the same direction from the root to the ends. Just as your natural hair does... The collection process is critical for ensuring the hair doesn’t tangle when wearing the extensions.

Revamp Extensions don’t move or slide once installed; this unique application sits flat along the scalp with no gaps or holes that styling tools can get caught on. You can use conditioner, oils on the scalp, brush, comb, and flat iron the extensions at the root as if the extensions were your own hair.

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